Tuesday, 12 December 2017

When Is Concealed Carry Reviews Necessary? Shooting Statistics Reveal Shocking Truth About Pistol Permits

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state where open carry is allowed (or even encouraged) by state regulators and local law enforcement, there’s a new reason to think twice before strapping on your side arm for a night out.

Detailed analysis of shooting incidents involving “good shoot” situations where 2nd Amendment defenders faced armed assailants points to the number one reason why concealed carry is still your best bet.

The research is out and here’s what it has to say…

When “must shoot” scenarios between open carry self-defenders and concealed carry are compared, concealed carriers are more than twice as likely to come out “on top.”

You’re Actually 50% Less Likely to Successfully Defend Yourself With an Open Carry Pistol!

A team of law enforcement researchers recently published a report analyzing shooting statistics.

In this report, they concluded (from a study of over 500 real-world cases over 10 years) that open carry is less likely to protect you against an armed assailant.

These numbers go against the primary reason we choose to open carry!

When you choose to open carry, one of the first things that pops into your mind is “deterrent.”

Open carry is, for many, an ultimate defense. After all, what criminal in their right mind would commit a crime or threaten you and your family with violence when he can see you’re packing in plain sight?

The law actually even favors open carry in many states, with 27 states allowing open carry without any sort of license.

Unfortunately, over 500 compared incidents involving pistol self-defense in public places, open carry was only half as effective as concealed carry.

Law enforcement conclusions in these cases are clear (and likely along the lines of what you are thinking): Open carry is less effective because the assailant you are facing knows you are armed.

In instances where an assailant is unwilling to kill, concealed carry and open carry protect you equally.

In situations where assailants are not afraid to kill or injure you, open carry will always work in your favor.

The minute you decide to open carry, you lose the element of surprise.

And there is absolutelyno reason for you to give your greatest defense (surprise) up…

Especially when you can qualify to carry concealed in over half the United States with a simple online test!

Most people open carry out of necessity, not out of choice.

Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to legally carry concealed thanks to multi-state agreements with Virginia, a streamlined application process, and online certification.

These online CCW training courses also make the process of getting your concealed carry permit MUCH FASTER—especially if you live in a state where waiting times are months long.

Virginia’s concealed carry permit for out of state residents, for instance, only has a waiting period of 45 days!

With reciprocity in over half of the United States and an incredibly quick waiting period for your application, there’s no reason to keep clinging to open carry. 

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