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Concealed Online Reviews | Taking an Online Concealed Carry Class

In order to obtain your concealed carry permit or license, you may have to prove competence with a handgun and/or take a firearms safety or training course.
Concealed Online Reviews
Specific requirements will depend on your state, but the majority of states require that you take a class of some kind. This could be anything from 15 or more hour classroom and range training course to a couple of hours learning your state's laws.

More recently, though, you may have the option to complete your training requirements from the comfort of your own home - online.

At present, only Virginia offers such an option, but it could very well extend into other states before long, particularly those with lower legal requirements when it comes to training or showing that you know how to use your firearm.
To get online training, you must find a company who has a website offering the class. Simply sign up, usually paying by credit card or PayPal, and you will be granted access to the training modules. These usually consist of video instruction, and may come with written instruction.

After taking in all of the information, you will be required to pass a test. It is generally the case that you will need 15/20 to pass the test, but most questions will be multiple choice, and generally not too difficult, especially if you paid close attention during the lectures online.

If you don't pass (which is rare, with some schools boasting 99% passing rates on the first try and above), you are usually able to take the test again for free until you pass.

If you receive a passing grade on the test, you will be instructed to print off a page that has your details on it, stating that you have completed training that meets Virginia's state requirements. Print this form out and send it in with your application.

While you may indeed take this online course if you live in Virginia, it is seemingly used very regularly by those people who live outside of Virginia who wish to receive their non-resident Virginia Permit to Carry a Concealed Handgun. Because Virginia's permits are recognized in many states, it may be easier for a person to obtain a Virginia permit than a permit from their home state, and this may be the best way for someone to carry concealed legally, if their home state has much more stringent laws.
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Friday, 20 April 2018

Concealed Online Reviews | Stuff That Everyone Who Carries Concealed Knows


… and here at concealedonline.com, so do we! If you’ve already had the good fortune and fortitude to score your concealed carry permit, you’ll recognize some of these choice moments below:

The first time you carried concealed in public. 

You thought everyone was staring at you in a weird way. Everyone KNEW you were packing heat.
Concealed Online Reviews
But then you realized no one was the wiser. And then something amazing happened…
Your back straightened, you walked a little taller. You never felt more confident.
Concealed Online
You knew that the day you always dreamed of had finally arrived:  the day when you would take responsibility for your own protection.
Concealed Online Reviews
And it felt so… damn… good.

You love your stuff, but your gun? Not even close.

You catch yourself looking at your compact handgun in a whole new way.

No, it’s not erotic. Nothing sick like that. It’s much more simple. Lasting. Real.
You slowly raise your hands up, forming something that looks like this…
Concealed Online Reviews

You don’t feel sick when you check your news feed.

A concealed carry permit means you’re one of the good guys. You take great solace in this fact and know you’re ready to see the world with new eyes.
But your news feed reflects the insanity, random violence and horrors we face every day.
Your hand drops imperceptibly to your holster – yes, it’s there.
Concealedonline reviews
You feel safer than you ever have before.

You’re different now, and that’s a good thing.

No matter where you are — at work, at a social function, out with your family or friends — you’re always ready for whatever may come. It’s like you’re in a movie. Only better.
Your eyes are always scanning the room for the nearest exit. Your instincts are always drawing your attention to good cover. You’re always on guard.
ConcealedOnline Reviews
Your thoughts stray for the briefest of moments to active shooter scenarios and how you’d react.
It’s not about being paranoid. It’s about being prepared.

You feel part of something bigger than yourself.

You take great pride in being part of a community ready to defend, ready to protect.
There are literally millions of people with concealed carry permits.
And you’re one of ’em. Congrats!

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Concealed Online Reviews | How To Care For Your Concealed Carry Handgun

The level of lint depends on your method of carry. An OWD holster will ward off more lint than if you stick your gun in your pocket where lint likes to live.
Changing the type of covering garment can dramatically effect the amount of lint. Rayon button down? No lint. Cotton sweatshirt? Fuzz factory.
Rule of thumb: dry, clean guns attract less lint than dirty or well-lubed handguns.
Whether you carry every day or once a month, check your gun at the end of the day. Blow or wipe off external lint but don’t worry about cleaning it at this point.
It’s not dirty, just linty. There’s a difference. Field-strip once a week, wipe it down, reassemble, load, and you’re back in business.


Well lubed handguns perform better.  Period. Yeah, yeah. They run fine dry, but most will cycle more smoothly when lubed.
That said, keeping your carry lubricated can lead to problems. For instance, lint is less likely to stick to dry metal whereas lubing causes lint to adhere to nooks and crannies.
Also, lube tends not to stay where you put it. Guaranteed it will evaporate or rub off and after just a few short days of carry, a well-lubed gun can become anything but.
Solution? Switch from light oils to heavier pastes. This cuts down on migration issues. More gel than fluid lubrication is key.
Of course, the type of handgun makes a big difference. After lint removal, slathering thick lube on the wrong weapon (like a Glock), could gum up the works.
Overall, we recommend Gun Smoke Labs gun oil (https://www.concealedonline.com/) for best overall lube / price / effectiveness.
Basically a holster (leather or otherwise) does not affect performance, reliability or accuracy. The “look” or appearance is about all you can affect with a holster.
Whether it’s leather or some kind of orthermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride composite — doesn’t matter. Every type of carry will leave marks on your handgun. That said, different types of holsters cause different types of wear.
Kydex doesn’t flex all that much, so the spots where it causes wear & tear are limited to  where the gun rests or is locked in place (i.e. front slide edge or trigger guard edges).
Leather holsters, on the other hand, grip guns like a glove. Which is good. Less wear & tear. But, over time, leather tends to get linty, dusty, and carbon foul-y, all of which can have an abrasive effect on your gun finish.
Gotta take the good with the bad, but in the end, leather is the way to go if you want to limit scratches and minimize wear issues.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Concealed Carry Holder Takes Out Robber in Chicago on Christmas Eve

Group concealedonline.com is glad to give an account of another GOOD GUY WITH A GUN who was compelled to make a move.
Concealed Online Reviews
As indicated by the Chicago Tribune, a man passed on after he was shot by a hid convey holder who he attempted to burglarize on Christmas Eve in the South Loop of Chicago.

As indicated by police, Corey Haggard, 37, was shot at 6:15 on Sunday.

He had been staking out a strip shopping center in the 1200 square of South Jefferson Street.

He kicked the bucket at 11:37 p.m. on Monday at Stroger Hospital, as per the medicinal analyst.

Turns out Haggard picked the wrong individual to ransack.

He went up to a 31-year-old man who was leaving a store, at that point delivered a weapon with the aim of pulling off a baldfaced Christmas Eve burglary.

That is the point at which the sudden happened!
The other man ALSO hauled out a weapon and discharged, hitting Haggard in the chest!

Police said the 31-year-old man had a legitimate permit from Indiana to convey a covered weapon.

At the point when the smoke cleared, the criminal was mortally injured and his eventual target was protected and sound.

Group concealedonline.com salutes this overcome CONCEALED CARRY HERO OF AMERICA who ventured up, brought matters into his own particular hands, and could live to appreciate another Christmas with his friends and family.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Concealed Online - Showdown Looms Over the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

New 2018 Bill Might Change How States Recognize Concealed Carry Permits

Team concealedonline.com felt it was high-time we shine a light on one of the most controversial issues facing Congress these days: concealed carry handguns and where you can legally carry them.
Some states let pretty much any law-abiding, responsible American carry a loaded firearm in public, while other states make it a felony! It’s absolutely nuts! You can hop in your car, drive across state lines, and suddenly find yourself in jail for something that’s totally legal back home!
But now a new bill is working its way through Congress that makes a gun permit issued in your home state transportable across state lines. So say you’re legally allowed to carry a concealed weapon in your home state. Well, this bill lets you carry it in all 50 states! Mind-blowing, right?

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act To The Rescue

This new piece of legislation has made it through the House of Representatives and is now poised to enter the Senate Octagon for what promises to be a knock-down-drag-out fight to end all fights.
The law is basically just a common sense solution to all the contradictory, pain-in-the-butt state laws that make it tough to travel across the United States with a concealed carry weapon.
We at concealedonline.com see both sides of the argument…
In a lot of big cities, gun violence has created a culture of fear. On the other hand, in many parts of the country, guns are just part of the culture. They’re a symbol of self-reliance and freedom… a symbol of what it means to be an American.
We all love the freedoms this country affords us. So let’s WORK TOGETHER to come up with a solution that solves everyone’s concerns!

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Every Breath You Take – Breath Control While Shooting


Stating the obvious here but — breathing is important!
But it’s even more important if you find yourself caught up in a real life or death situation where your health depends on hitting what you’re aiming at! Remember, when your life is on the line, your breathing becomes more erratic, making it all the more important to know how to manage it.
Which is why team concealedonline.com is going to shine a light on best breathing practices for shooters.
Concealed Online


You’ve probably heard how elite marksmen are able to pull the trigger in-between heartbeats. Definitely cool for experts, but definitely NOT something we recommend you attempt. 
Okay, let’s get real…
Breathing is a natural body motion and can help or hinder your aim. I mean, the whole point of breath control is to make sure your sights are on the mark when you pull the trigger, right?
So it logically follows that controlled breathing can make all the difference in accuracy. When you breathe your chest rises and falls. This movement can cause your gun barrel to drift off-target.
Bottom line: breathing at the wrong time may cause you to move at the exact moment you pull the trigger. Not good.
When you’ve run out of options and you have no other choice left but to draw your concealed carry weapon, your heart rate will accelerate. Your breathing will become more rapid and harder to control. 
So what do you do when you’re under this kind of pressure?
First off — don’t panic.
Second, practice these 3 easy-to-remember breathing techniques. One of them will definitely be better for you than another, so try them all out to see which one fits you best.


Half exhale/pause – when you’re ready to fire your weapon, take in a deep breath. Exhale about half of the air out of your lungs, pause briefly and pull the trigger. This is known as “respiratory pause” and helps you maintain aim. The pause allows you to hold your barrel and sights in perfect alignment on target as the gun fires.
Half inhale/pause –- relax, steady your breathing, inhale. When your lungs are about half full, pause and pull the trigger. The inhale and pause is similar to the exhale and pause option above. 
Complete exhale/no pause – –steady your breathing, do a full exhale, pause when your lungs are empty and squeeze the trigger. But keep in mind, a pause is not the same as holding your breath. If you do that, your muscles will seize up and your BPM will change and your shot accuracy will be compromised.


Last thing — make sure to always chill and slow down as much as possible so you can steady your breathing. This will reduce body movement that throws you off target. Even better, if you can — step back, deep breathe in, deep breathe out, and then reacquire your target.
Of course, in life or death situations, this last option IS NOT an option.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Concealed Carrier Fights Back Against Would-Be Carjacker

Team concealedonline.com is always ready to shine a light on CONCEALED CARRY HEROES OF AMERICA who refuse to become victims, in this case, a would-be carjacking victim who would not back down.
Turns out two crooks descended upon a silver Infinity that looked like an easy mark to carjack in New Orleans, not realizing that one of the men in the targeted car — “Benny” — was carrying concealed.
Benny said he had just pulled up to his home with a friend when the gunmen caught them off guard.
“They probably figured this time of morning, we’re gonna just stake somebody out,” he said. “I got out first,” Benny continued, “and suddenly some guy came from nowhere and said, ‘Hey man, I want that car.’ They had ski masks on.”
Did Benny obey the carjacker’s command? Hell no!
Benny said his friend handed over the keys and then took off running for help, hightailing it for the nearby Second District police station.
That’s when Benny knew he had to act. It was now or never.
With a sudden burst of adrenaline, Benny knocked the gun out of the suspect’s hand, pulled his own weapon, and shot the robber in the stomach!
One gunman sped off in the silver Infinity driven by Benny’s friend.
Then a second gunman came at Benny from the bushes!
“He came just like that and he said, ‘Don’t you move,’” Benny said. “When he said that, I just pulled my coat out and I just started boom, boom, boom.”
Benny drew his concealed carry weapon and fired four shots but didn’t hit the suspect, and the two ended up on the ground.
“I hit him like that, hit the gun out of his hand,” Benny said. “We both tripped and fell on the ground like this here. I had my right hand here. I did like this, boom! He stood up, ‘Oh Lord, Jesus,’ and he broke out and ran.”
Benny said the suspect was shot in the stomach and tried to escape.
“So I ran inside and I went and got some more bullets,” Benny said. “I had his gun on the ground because I took the gun from him. I ran inside and got some more bullets and came out.”
When, he came outside he said police were already on the scene. About 30 minutes after the inciden, 17-year-old Andrew Spikes showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound to the stomach. Spikes was arrested and booked with two counts of armed robbery.
Police said another suspect, Jonah Marco, drove Spikes to the hospital. Police said he had also driven Spikes and the second suspect to Milan Street to commit the carjacking.
Marco was booked with accessory after the fact. Police said the gunman who stole the Infinity is still at large.

Benny perfectly summed up his harrowing but heroic encounter:
“He had the ups on me,” Benny said. “I could have said, ‘OK, man.’ I could have just dropped my gun. It don’t make no sense. A lot of people says, ‘Well, he had the ups on me and I dropped my gun.’ I didn’t want to go like that, so, ya know, I’m like a Viking. I’m hard to go down. I came up hard.”
Team concealedonline.com salutes the bravery of “Benny”, a responsible concealed carry permit holder who decided enough is enough and took matters into his own hands.