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Concealed Online Reviews - We Reveal How to Pick the Best Holster For Your Concealed Carry!

Here at we know a comfortable concealed carrier is a happy concealed carrier!

And comfort begins with the right holster, one with good concealment plus unimpeded access to your gun. Remember: when it comes to a holster, cost alone should never be high on your priority list. You don’t have to break the bank, but skimping on this potentially life-saving product is a bad idea.

Your holster is vital gear, basically the interface between your gun and body. A substandard design could cause discomfort, a compromised draw, and even the loss of your gun.

Here’s a few of our favorites for discriminating, savvy shooters:

# 1: BLACKHAWK!® SERPA® Holster

The SERPA is both lightweight and durable at the same time since it’s made from engineered thermoplastic. But what sets this holster apart is the Auto Lock™ feature which engages the trigger guard upon holstering, effectively locking the gun in place. This safeguards your gun from an assailant yet still allows you an effective draw.

Each SERPA comes with belt loop and paddle platforms so you have options when attaching it to your belt or going to the range.

#2: M99  Holster 

Keep your concealed carry close by your side with the M99 Holster — second best in our series, an awesome holster that ensures your handgun will stay secure throughout your busy day.

This handcrafted beauty is the perfect interface between your gun and body, featuring optional belt slots or clip for a one-size-fits-all design that lets you wear it inside or outside your waistband. Durable and rugged, this is one of the best solutions for concealed carry comfort.

Top-quality features include universal form fit that accommodates almost any gun model, effective one-handed drawing and holstering for right or left-handed shooters, one-size-fits-all design, snug retention that keeps your gun from falling in the hands of adversaries, trigger guard and safety protection along with optional belt slots or clip carry for wearing inside or outside your waistband.

Plus the M99 is perfect for women, its smart design factoring in female trigger reach, grip size, draw stroke, armpit-to-hip distance, torque and drawing power! Click here to check out all the details!

#3: Uncle Mike’s® Inside-the-Pant Holster

This holster will accommodate a wide array of pistols and revolvers.. The internal moisture barrier helps safeguard your gun from damage caused by the perspiration.

Made from an ultra-thin, four-layer laminate, the suede-like exterior helps the holster adhere to the inside of your pants and the clip anchors it to your belt. The nylon lining makes for a smooth draw, while the inside-the pant holster can be purchased with an open top or with a fold-over Velcro retention strap.

#4: BLACKHAWK! Hook Back Adjust Holster

This nylon holster is fully adjustable to accommodate most pistols and revolvers and is designed to be used in conjunction with Blackhawk’s popular Diversion line of satchels, messenger bags, and backpacks.

This unique holster adheres to a hook and loop section located within these packs and can be mounted at almost any angle to expedite draw stroke. The fact that it’s fully adjustable means it works well with  handguns that sport lights, lasers, or even micro red dot sights.

#5: Uncle Mike’s Inside-the-Pocket Holster

Uncle Mike’s Inside-the-Pocket holster does both really well. The non-slip band ensures that the holster stays in your pocket when you draw. It will accommodate small autos like the .22 LR or even sub-compact pistols chambered in 40 S&W.

#6: BLACKHAWK! Detachable Slide Leather Concealment Holster

Slide-style holsters are designed to loop your belt through, but Blackhawk’s Detachable Slide Leather holster is secured to your belt by angle cut belt loops utilizing non-reflective black snap covers. This allows you to strap your holster on and take it off without having to remove your belt.

And the holster’s adjustable thumb break ensures your gun stays put, plus it’s available in several models to accommodate most popular handguns.

Concealed Online Reviews - Concealed Carry Heroes of America: Citizen Takes Down Would-Be Cop Killer

The team at  is honored to bring you courageous stories like this!

We applaud the selfless bravery of this American Hero who saved the life of a law enforcement professional!

According to Arizona DPS Director Colonel Frank Milstead, an Arizona trooper owes his life to a concerned citizen who heroically stopped and gunned down the man trying to kill the trooper!

On the morning of January 12, 2017 near Tonopah, a DPS trooper responded to an emergency call, a report of a rollover collision.

Arriving on scene, the trooper leapt into action, placing flares in the vicinity, when all of a sudden —

— he was AMBUSHED by a male suspect who opened fire on him without warning!

Shot in his right shoulder, the trooper never knew what hit him!

Unable to draw his weapon and return fire, he nevertheless had the courage and presence of mind to rush his assailant, ending up in a brutal hand-to-hand fight with the trooper’s life on the line!

But without the use of his wounded arm, the trooper was soon overpowered and found himself on the ground with the suspect pummeling him mercilessly!

It was at that moment that divine intervention arrived in the form of an average, American motorist!

As the suspect was beating the trooper’s head into the pavement, a passer-by who just happened to be driving with his family en route to California, saw what was happening.

Slamming on his brakes, the soon-to-be-heroic citizen leapt from his vehicle,  drawing his gun. He leveled his concealed carry on the suspect, ordering the man to surrender.

When the suspect ignored him and continued to beat the trooper, the hero was left with no choice:

He shot the suspect! Dead!

Another civilian quickly joined the fray, getting on the trooper’s radio and calling for help.

In the aftermath, it was determined that the suspect turned out to be the driver of the rolled over vehicle. A female passenger from the same vehicle was transported to the hospital where she would eventually succumb to her injuries.

But the good news is: the trooper is alive today only because of an armed hero who stopped to help!

Of course the mystery remains and may never be known:

— what exactly led up to the collision and, more importantly, why did the suspect ambush the trooper?

Nobody really knows…

… but what we DO know is that, on behalf of law enforcement everywhere,  is grateful to this CONCEALED CARRY HERO OF AMERICA!

Without a doubt, he saved the life of the valiant trooper! Our thoughts and prayers go out to him to make a full and rapid recovery.

You never know when a concealed carrier may save a life. The team at honors another great example of quick-thinking and bravery from one of our American citizenry!